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The Blake Album (2016)

Blake's debut stand-up comedy album. Buy it on iTunesAmazon, or Google Play.


Stuffed Boy (2018)

Blake's sophomore stand-up album. Buy it on iTunesAmazonGoogle Play, or


12 Years of Voicemails from Todd Glass to

Blake Wexler

Blake saved every voicemail Todd Glass has left him for 12years, and they’re releasing them all. It’s not just a comedy album, but also a documentary of their friendship. Buy it on iTunesAmazon, or Google Play.

Live From The Pandemic (2020)

Blake accidentally records his third stand-up album outside of an 1800s steel factory during a pandemic. Buy it on iTunesAmazon or Spotify. 

12 years of Voicemails Cover 2.jpg

A Lifetime of Laughter (2021)

A completely clean best-of album recorded in May of 2021. Buy it now or listen on Spotify.

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